The Birdcatchers Aria from The Magic Flute

Mozart, W.A.
Schlagerfestival in "Travelling Europe"

Nijs, Johan
Minuet and Trio K1

Mozart, W.A.
Mass in G major BWV 236 'Domine Deus'

Bach, Johann Sebastian

Offenbach, J.
St. Patricks Day in "Travelling Europe"

Nijs, Johan
The merry farmer Op.68

Schumann, R
Harmonies Poétiques et réligieuses No 7 'Funérailles'

Liszt, Franz
Soldier's March Op; 68

Schumann, R
Il Vino Rosso in "Travelling Europe"

Nijs, Johan
Auld Lang Syne

Scotisch Song
Sonata in D major Hob. XVI: 19

Haydn, Joseph
In thoughts…I'll be there

Steenhuyse-Vandevelde, Christa
Andante cantabile

Waelput, Hendrik / arr. De Bruyker, Guido
Piano Spelenderwijs voor Volwassenen Deel 1

Steenhuyse-Vandevelde, Christa
Two of a kind

De Ryck, Erwin
Creatief Musiceren voor pianisten Deel 1

Steenhuyse-Vandevelde, Christa
Andante con variazione

Mozart, W.A. / arr.: Van de Meulebroecke, Alex

Steenhuyse-Vandevelde, Christa
Danza sul Ponticello

Casteele, Marleen
A Waltz for Sarah Roos

Schoeters, Nico


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